Aromatherapy Astrology - Capricorn

Born between Dec 22nd and Jan 19th

Capricorn’s sign is ruled by Saturn and its element is Earth. This means they are logical, ambitious and desire success. Capricorns are great friends and very funny, but they can be very goal-orientated and suffer from burn-out. Their imbalances are the skeletal system, insecurity, and worry.

Balancing essential oils: VetivertLavender and Clary Sage

Vetivert is extremely good for the imbalanced, burnt-out Capricorn and Lavender and Clary Sage really help calm this sign, and aid relaxation.

Balancing blend: Mix 2 drops Vetivert, 3 drops Lavender and 2 drops Clary Sage into 15ml of Bath Oil or Bath Gel.

How to use: Add the blend to a warm bath if you're a Capricorn in need of harmonising. The oils will help you regain some perspective and relax into accepting life in the moment.

Does the personality description make sense? If so, why not try the recommended essential oil blend to help keep you balanced? Or research alternative oils that suit your personality traits and get creating your own bespoke astrological blends. Remember to follow your nose and choose the oils that resonate most.