Natural Remedy AA Skincare Gels 50ml
Natural Remedy AA Skincare Gels 50ml
Natural Remedy AA Skincare Gels 50ml

Natural Remedy AA Skincare Gels 50ml

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From soothing Arnica to anti-bacterial Tea tree, these naturally effective first aid essentials are perfect for soothing anything from insect bites, bumps, bruises and acne breakouts.

How to use: Pump the required amount into your palm and apply to the desired area using your fingertips. If removing make up a cotton wool pad or ball may be used.

Available in:

Arnica Gel First Aid Essential Gel (50ml):

  • Combines herbal extracts with sweet almond oil to provide a soothing solution designed to help alleviate bruising while working as a natural pain reliever to soothe muscle strains and sprains.
  • The long-trusted healing power of Arnica in a gentle and easy to apply gel. Perfect for the whole family but especially good for children over 3 and older people. It soothes bruises, bumps and knocks and helps your body to recover speedily.The soothing properties of Arnica are augmented by the inclusion of Calendula, Goldenrod, Gingko and St John’s Wort.

Lavender Calming Multipurpose Gel (50ml):

  • A multipurpose gel made with pure essential oils and herbal extracts. Specially formulated to relieve skin irritation as well as sooth cuts and bruises.
  • This versatile gel has many potential applications but is probably best for calming and soothing irritated, inflamed and unhappy skin. A naturally gentle gel, it’s perfect for use during and after acne breakouts and as a general boost for all skin types. It works as a preventative as well as a treatment so it’s great to apply when you feel the first tingles of a skin problem.It’s also an effective cooling gel to use all over after a spell in the sun and offers natural relief for the irritation caused by insect bites and stings.
  • We’ve added natural healing oils such as Comfrey, Rose Geranium and Calendula to further enhance the calming action of this lovely gel.With a mild and attractive hint of Lavender aroma.

Tea Tree Natural Antiseptic Gel (50ml): 

  • Naturally antibacterial Tea Tree acts to keep your skin clear of blemishes and spots without dehydrating.Tea Tree has been shown to be one of the most effective natural antibacterial agents in the world. This hydrating gel helps to keep skin looking and feeling clear and cleansed.We’ve added antioxidant Borage and Calendula while natural Honey extract offers extra moisturising and moistening properties.
  • This amazing gel has a host of other skin loving properties too. Perfect for fungal nail infections or athlete’s foot, this gel also acts as a general tonic to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and glowing. It can also help to clear cold sores.
  • A mildly herbaceous and medicinal aroma.
  • Suitable for: All skin types, especially problem and greasy skins.